My mom and dad were both born in Arizona

My mom and dad were both born in Arizona. I have lived in Arizona all of my life with the exception of the last year and a half. My mom moved to Fresno, California in August of 2004 for an employment opportunity. My sister, brother and I piled in the U-Haul and said goodbye to my friends I grew up with and said goodbye to Arizona from my rear view mirror exiting out the I-10 freeway, I still remember that one last look  about a year and a half ago.

I planned to graduate from high school with all of my friends, and planned to go to college and make someone of myself in Arizona. I can honestly say, my entire family misses Arizona and wants to come home. Our move seems to have changed my view of what was suppose to happen since I was little. I thought I was going to graduate from Highland High School with the best friends I grew up with. I was not sure how to take this move and leaving my home state that I grew up in and the rest of my family lives in. I was not sure what to expect the only place I ever knew was Arizona.

I personally lived in Phoenix and Mesa and the good thing about those locations is that I was 3 hours away from snow so I can snow board in the winter and I was 4 hours away from the seventh wonder of the world, The Grand Canyon (I know how to get there with my eyes closed). I could drive an hour away to fish at Saguaro Lake and see pine trees an hour up the road and I never thought I would take seeing a cactus for granted, until I didn’t see them anymore.

Where I live now, it is okay, but the colleges and universities are limited and I am better than settling for less when I know I can go home and go to Mesa Community College and become someone in life. I am a 3.6 GPA student and have always enjoyed taking Arizona history in high school, the class was my favorite. Arizona means opportunity for me, it means I can go just about anywhere and do any sport or activity from snowboarding to skiing to photography.

My family is native Arizonans and the thought of trying to think that the grass may be greener on the side when we moved, but I was wrong, it is not, and I just want to come home. I miss everything about Arizona, and I am serious when I say, even the heat. People ask me here, “how can you live in that heat?” I tell them unless you try it, you cannot judge it, you grow to love it and I can’t wait for summer time in Arizona. Wintertime in Arizona is the best place anyone can imagine to be. Not too hot during the day and not too cold at night, it is just right. It is to live for. I see Arizona as success for me and opportunity, not only is it an awesome place to live but it is my home and I want to go back home. 

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